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GLOBAL O2 is a private company, specialized in the provision of professional consultant services, technical assistance, audit and training in quality, environment, energy, safety, social responsibility and innovation.

At GLOBAL O2 we feel it is necessary to spend more time listening to our client, knowing and understanding their needs and identifying and guaranteeing the expected return of the investment of each of their project (improvement on the management and processes control, differentiation among other competitors, recognition, obligations compliance, etc.). This is the only way we can guarantee and truly provide services 100% customized to the specific needs of each client. This is our daily challenge and our commitment on each project.



We are a multidisciplinary team of expert consultants, qualified auditors and trainers with a wide experience of over 18 years on consultancy and auditing.


We are in a continual and irreplaceable search of the excellence on each project, looking forward to exceed the client expectations on a safe, transparent and honest manner.


Flexibility capacity to adapt to the client evolutionary needs and requirements on each phase of the project, guaranteeing the updating and applicability of each work.


We promote the professional and personal development of the entire GLOBAL O2 team with a strong bidirectional commitment between the company and the worker.


The responsibility and guarantee of the security and confidentiality of the information handled is a priority value in all our projects and concerning all our customers.


Constant evolution of business model and solutions provided, as a result of the changing environment, technology and available resources.

Professional Skills

We have a large group of qualified professionals in various fields willing to offer a customized solution to every need.


There is nothing more important than customer satisfaction. That´s why we work, offering 100% solutions adjusted to your needs with high value to your companies.


High commitment to ensure the success of national and international projects, with maximum transparency from the proposal to contract, until the completion of each work.
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