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Consulting, Audit and Training ISO 50001

The ISO 50001 standard establishes the requirements for any organization, regardless of its activity or size, to integrate the energy variable into its business management through the implementation of an Energy Management System.

In GLOBAL O2 we provide technical assistance in consulting, audit, training and maintenance of ISO 50001 Energy Management System 100% customed to the needs of each organization and the complexity of its activities, so as to ensure the compliance with their objectives and requirements in achieving continual improvement energy performance.  

Characteristics of ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems


Energy Use and Consumption

Identifies and manages the significant energy use (cooling, heating, lightning, HSW,…) to establish actions focus on continually improving energy performance.  

Fulfilment of Compliance Obligations

Establishes processes to identify, fulfill and evaluate the legal obligations and other obligations that are applicable to the organization on their energy performance.

Energy Baselines Calculation

Registres and maintains one or several energy baselines updated to measure and evalaute the energy performance over time, as a result of the actions carried out.

Energy Performance Indicators

Defines indicators for energy end-use that allow monitoring and evaluating their effectiveness and efficiency, and establishes actions to improve their performance.

Energy Operational Control

Establishes guidelines for action within the organization to ensure that activities and operations are carried out in a controlled and planned manner.

Integration with Other Systems

Eases its integration with other management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, UNE 166002,…) using the “High Level Structure” approach, that defines common framework and requirements between the standards.  

External Audit and Certification

Allows the review of the system by an external Certification Body that shows, by a recognized certificate, that the ISO 50001 system meets the requirements of the standard .

GLOBAL O2 Solutions in ISO 50001

Benefits of ISO 50001 Energy Management System


Energy Cost Reduction

Allows indentifying, analysing and managing areas energy uses aimed to reduce the energy consumptions and, therefore, their associated energy costs.

Consumption Optimization

Monitoring the energy uses and consumption, and developing the energy action plans will lead the organization into an optimization of their energy resources.

Energy Compliance Obligations

 Guarantees the processes to determine and evaluate the legal requirements that applies the organization on energy matters and provides the actions for the fulfilment of its compliance.

Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The reduction and the improvement in the uses and consumption of energy implies a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and overall the related environmental impacts.

Bids and Trade Barriers

Setting up an ISO 50001 energy management system, allows the organization to widen the clients portfolio, to build loyalty and to join up into new market niches. 

Positive Differentiation

Guarantees the energy compliance obligations, improving the energy development, enhancing energy uses and reducing Greenhouses gases – GHGs emissions.

Integrable with Other Systems

The requirements established in the “High Level Structure” approach allows and eases the integration with other management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, IQNet SR10,…).

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