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Consulting, Audit and Training ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety

An ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety Management System is a management tool, applicable both to public and private organizations, to reduce, and even to eliminate, the number of deaths and seriously  injuried persons caused by traffic accidents. 

The team of consultants and auditors of GLOBAL O2 has a wide experience in consulting, audit, training and maintenance of the Road Traffic Safety Management Systems ISO 39001 100% customed to each client needs and the nature of their activities. The fulfilment of their objectives and demands and those of their clients, are guaranteed. 

Characteristics of ISO 39001 Road Safety Management System


Reduce Road Traffic Risks

Diminish and can even eliminate, the incidence and the risk of persons killed or seriously injured in traffic accidents.

Context Analysis

Analyses the external and internal situation and determines the interested parties that are relevant to the Road Traffic Safety system. Identifies the needs and expectations of the relevant Interested Parties.

Risks Management

Provides a “preventive” approach when identifying the risks and opportunities of the Traffic management system stablishing actions for their control.

Compliance with Obligations

Establishes processes to identify fulfill and evaluate the legal obligations and other obligations that are applicable to the organization on their Road Traffic Safety framework.  

Road Safety Indicators

Defines indicators in Road Traffic Safety (risk exposure, intermediate or final outcome) to evaluate and monitor its effectiveness and efficiency, establishing actions for its improvement.  

Leadership and Commitment

Ensures the top management commitment with the planning, execution and improvement of the management system and its alignment with the strategic direction of the organization. 

Documented Information

Allows greater flexibility in the structure, management and types of evidence that found and support the system (processes, procedures, operational controls, formats, registers,…).

External Audit and Certification

Allows the review of the system by a Certification Body that shows, by a recognized certificate, that the ISO 39001 system meets the requirements of the standard.

Integration with Other Systems

Eases its integration with other management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001,…) using the “High Level Structure” approach, that defines common framework and requirements between the standards.

GLOBAL O2 Solutions in ISO 39001

Benefits of ISO 39001 Road Safety Management System


Reduces Risks and Injuries

Proceeding according to the defined actions in the system ISO 39001 reduces the road traffic accidents and helps to minimise the injuries and saves lives.

Commitment with Road Safety

Instructed to guarantee the development and control of the road traffic safety within the organization in a continuous and recurrent manner, obligations compliance and continuous improvement.

Compliance of Obligations

Guarantees the processes to determine and evaluate the legal requirements that applies the organization about road traffic safety and provides the actions for the fulfilment of its compliance.

Bids and Trade Barriers

Having an ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety management implanted, allows expand the client portfolio, build loyalty and generate new market niches.

Participation of Interested Parties

Allows to carrying out, in a planned way, the pertinent communications in terms of Road Traffic Safety. These information must take into account the interested parties related to the system.

Cost Reduction

The improvement in the road safety of the organization increase the employees productivity by reducing the sick leaves due to road traffic accidents

Eases the Integration

The requirements established in the “High Level Structure” allows and eases the integration with other management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, UNE 166002, IQNet SR 10,…)

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