Internal Audit and Inspection

GLOBAL O2 Audit and Inspection, S.L. is an AENOR Evaluation Entity for carring out audits on their behalf. We have wide experience in executing audits, as 1st part audits (internal audit of a company), as 2nd part audits (client – provider) and as 3rd part audits (certification bodies).

In GLOBAL O2 we have a highly qualified team of skilled chief auditors with more than 1,000 workdays of experience on a wide range of activities sectors that will provide, through an impartial and objective view, enhance opportunities for your organization.


Impartial and Objective Analysis

Developing an objective, impartial and confidential analysis of the compliance of an organization / process / installation with their set of requirements (legal, regulatory, management system, …).

Cost Reduction

Detecting deviations and unfulfilled requirements of legal obligations, contracts or internal procedures before penalties and claims may happen. It implies a cost processing savings in the event of such breaches.

Compliance Study

 Detailed analysis based on objective and reproducible evidence of legal requirements compliance and other requirements established by the organization (laws, regulations, agreements, contracts,…).

Solutions and System Enhance

The audit team provides, during the course of the audit, possible solutions and recommendations to process detected deviations in order to correct them and enhance the management system.

Preventive and Confidential Nature

Identifying preventively possible inefficiencies and unfulfilment of obligations, allowing acting internally in order to minimize the risk of external diffusion and its consequences.

Additional Guarantee

Provides additional guarantees, objective and verifiable to clients, shareholders and other interested parties regarding the compliance of the organization  with their requirements (legal, contractual, regulatory, voluntary,…).

Management System´s Requirement

Internal audits to be carried out to the system scope is a requirement for all Management Systems based on a “High-Level Structure” approach (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 50001, UNE 166002, ISO 39001, SR 10,…).

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