COVID-19 | Protocols against COVID-19 Consulting

Slide Protocols against COVID-19 Identifies the risks of contagion, establishing protocols for its
prevention, control and monitoring.
Slide COVID-19 Self-Monitoring Plan Establishes systematics for monitoring the effective and efficient
implementation of the measures defined in the protocol.
Slide Continuity management Focus on contingency control and business continuity
management of the organization.
Slide Action Guidelines Establishes action guidelines for occupational health, cleanliness
and hygiene, organizational and preventive measures.

Protocols against COVID-19 Consulting

Defining, implementing, maintaining and improving a set of correct and adequate protocols against possible hazards resultant from the COVID-19 virus, in addition to reducing the risks of contagion and improving the organization response to possible cases, allows us to provide any client with an aligned tool of responsibility towards workers, clients, suppliers and society as a whole.

GLOBAL O2 team of consultans and auditors has experience in defining and designing COVID-19 prevention and action protocols customed to the circumstances and risks of each organization, as well as self-monitoring plans aimed at monitoring these protocols.

Characteristics of a Protocol against COVID-19


National and International Analysis

Identifies, analyses and incorporates national and international recommendations in the management of COVID in order to provide a global and up-to-date vision.

Protocols form Action

Establishes systematic action against COVID-19 in: occupational health, good cleaning and hygiene practices, organizational measures and preventive measures.

Protocols for Action

Establishes systematic action against COVID-19 in: occupational health, good cleaning and hygiene practices, organizational measures and preventive measures.

Training and Information

Establishes operations for communication, training and information related to the management and monitoring of the protocols.


Provides a crisis management and business continuity approach to improve watchfulness and responsiveness upon COVID-19 hazards.

Self-Monitoring Plan

Establishes a self-monitoring plan to follow-up and verify the effectiveness and efficiency of the implemented measures established in the protocol actions.

Integrable with Other Systems

Allows the integration of protocols with other management systems implemented in the organization (ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001,…).

External Audit and Certification

Allows the protocol to be reviewed by an external Certification Body, providing compliance recognition and obtaining a certificate.

Documented Information

Provides types of evidence that support the protocols defined, the risk analysis and the follow-up of actions for their implementation through monitoring and control.

GLOBAL O2 Solutions in COVID-19 Protocol

Benefits of a COVID-19 Protocol


Risk Management and Reduction

Identifies and manages the related hazards for workers, customers, suppliers and society in general, by establishing COVID-19 operations.

Continuity Management

Aimed at contingency control and management of the organization operational continuity based on lessons learned and analysis of critical processes.

Good Practices

Brings security to organizations by applying up-to-date protocols with best practices and recommendations.


Allows to demonstrate internally and externally the organization commitment for the prevention, control and response to the COVID-19 crisis.


Enables communication actions focused on the prevention and control of COVID-19 to be carried out in a planned and controlled method.

Positive Differentiation

Offers greater guarantees of the definition and implementation of guidelines and action controls focused on the control and prevention of COVID-19.

Integrable with Other Systems

The structure and requirements allows and facilitate integration and optimization with other management systems (ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ISO 1400, …).

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