Maintenance of Management System

The maintenance service and/or the outsourcing of the management system (Quality, Environment, OH&S, Energy, R&D, SR, ..) will allow your organization to focus on the core business activities, reducing costs and optimizing human, material and economic resources.

GLOBAL O2 maintenance service of management systems will provide your organization with a multidisciplinary technical team of experts on various disciplines that will guarantee, in addition to the maintenance of the management system, the improvement and optimization of it by means of processes updates to new interpretations and requirements.


Cost Reduction

The outsourcing of the maintenance service reduces the equivalent costs of training, operations, updates, … of an internal department.

Permanent Assistance

The maintenance service guarantees a qualified, permanent and scalable service at the organization needs disposal.

Compliance Obligations

The monitoring of the requirements, plus the continual update of the consultants on the new legal requirements, allows keeping up to date the fulfilment of the organization compliance obligations.

Update and Improvement

The consultant team provides continuous solutions and improvements to the management system usefulness in order to assure and improve the efficiency of it.

Protective and Confidential Nature

Identifying preventively possible inefficiencies and unfulfilment of obligations, allowing acting internally in order to minimize the risk of external diffusion and its consequences.

Guarantee on the Service

Contracting a maintenance service protects the organization from ill-sickness leave, employee turnover, lost of knowledge and outdated personnel.

Promote the Core Business

The execution of the maintenance of the management system by an expert consultant team allows the company to allocate their resources in their core management areas (commercial, operations / production,…).

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